Dr. Cameron Garvin Dentistry


Twice-yearly Checkups

Dental Examinations

Great oral health begins with regular dental examinations and cleanings. Dr. Cameron Garvin and our team of dental assistants and hygienists provided personalized routine dental examinations. During their twice-yearly check-up, patients in our Macon-area practice receive a thorough examination of their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, and neck.

Oral hygiene should start early

Pediatric Dentistry

Taking great care of your child’s teeth now sets them up for great oral health in the future. Dr. Cameron Garvin and the staff at J. Cameron Garvin DMD are experienced in pediatric dentistry. Babies and children have specific dental needs and our professional staff is trained to provide the care they need.

something to smile about

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Macon team has helped many of our patients correct gaps, chips, stains and missing teeth with cosmetic procedures and treatments. Dr. Cameron Garvin will be happy to outline your personalized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan and explain all your options.

Let's get it straight


ClearCorrect is a great option for patients looking to straighten their teeth without visible metal braces. ClearCorrect is a gradual method of straightening the teeth using a series of custom-made aligners provided by Dr. Cameron Garvin.

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